Best of SEMA, 2018 – Part 1

Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid

Bird’s Eye Maple Inlay in this Chevy SS Bed

Should only have been allowed in on #tbt. 70s drive-in denizen
But where do you put the cap?



Jeep Heritage Shot

Check out the headers! Each has 922 scales, hand-applied, per the builder
What a Knight

Not really sure how you pull the trailer, but OK.
Ford had quite a commitment to the show.

Loved this one!
Built from a Geo Tracker. For you young ‘uns, that’s the GM division now referred to as “Oops!”
And of course, it winds up!

Really wanted to see this one run, but no luck

Saw this one at SDCC in ’16 or ’17.
Love the green foil

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