Best of SEMA Show, 2018 – Post 3 of 3

Amazing detail on these rims
Even mores when you look up close
I mean, really, really close
It’s like it was made for me. Even has my monogram!
There’s more parked outside the Convention Center than there is inside!
View from the monorail station, showing about a quarter of what’s outside.
Sometimes the booth takes care to match the model’s outfit to their message. In this case, a really consistent theme.
I like the backlighting here to showcase the rims
Again, probably not a practical application, but one I wouldn’t mind renting for a weekend!
Love the big logo
Seems like every Jeep display had to have one wheel up on a rock
Trucks all over outside
Nice take on a lowrider
The lineup outside the tents
Dom’s Ice Charger from F&F8
Nissan has the perfect answer for DJs on the go
Just turn your whole care into one big tax deduction!
Complete with giant speakers, but looking pretty normal from the front
Not sure how I feel about a matte grey Rolls
Love the finish on this one, as well as the ground effects.
Nissan Titan, donated to the American Red Cross
Someone has a sense of humor
This ’58 Chevy is amazing! A Japanese company basically turned it into a sleeve tattoo – complete coverage, intricate design, remarkable craftsmanship, flawless work. I walked the whole car, and didn’t see a single miss in the work. Really impressive work!
The intricacy is amazing.
My mind boggles at the thought of how many man-hours of work are represented here.
Flawless work throughout, though.
What do you think?
Does it improve the car? Or make it too much of a sideshow?
Even on the bumpers!
I tried to shot them in a couple of candids, but they insisted on posing. I do like the sun backlighting their hair.
Continental had a great drift track.
And they got really close to the wall
The whole back area smelled like burning rubber
But the passengers seem to be having a blast!
Wonder how many laps they got out of each set of tires? Did they switch them out every day? Twice a day?
Jimmy Buffet, “Ya got fins to the left!”
I’m not sure the car was ever pointed straight
Love the wheels on this one. And the models were very cooperative, although I’m not sure why one is wearing a hat. Bad hair day?

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