Hashem’s Roastery

Adam Hashem, manager of the Warren Road location.

If you didn’t know it was there, you’d miss it.

If you didn’t know what’s inside, you might not go in.

And that would be a shame, as Hashem’s Roastery is a fantastic store.  It’s full of mysterious smells, exotic tastes, unusual items, herbs, tinctures, and potions.  It’s like something out of  Harry Potter’s world.

Hashem’s is actually a small chain, with three stores in the Dearborn area, along with the original store in Lebanon.  The location on Warren is run by Adam Hashem, grandson of the founder.

Nuts and seeds for sale

Hashem’s is a family business, started by Sheik Theeb, in 1959, in a small Lebanese village of a couple thousand people.  The village healer, he set broken bones, and created herb tonics for various ailments.  Because of demand, he opened a dekanei, a small shop, selling herbs, coffee and teas.

Adam’s father began working in the shop when he was 11, roasting coffee and nuts, learning about the herbs and tonics.  But in 1976, he was part of a mandatory draft, and began moving his family from base to base.

Eventually emigrating to Michigan, he settled in Dearborn.  He had a total of $100 to his name, and began working in a slaughterhouse to make ends meet.  Eventually, he was able to open a small 600 sq ft shop on Warren in 1985.  It was patterned after his father’s shop in Lebanon, an Old World shop in a New World location.  As the Arabic population continued to grow, so did their business.

Success demanded expansion, and the present location opened in 1995.

Some of Hashem’s house blended teas: Lavender Moonlight (front, right), Passion Peach (front left), Masala Chai (back, left), and Caesar’s Fruit Tea (back, center).

The shop is a cross between convenience store, neighborhood cafe, grocery store, and speciality shop.  Hashem’s plays a positive role in the neighborhood, offering information on visas, help with social issues, and other advice.  Adam prides himself on the trust placed in them by their patrons.

Hashem’s has recently begun offering culinary tours, using the common language of food to bridge the gap between cultures.

Star anise, long pepper, galangal slices, and Aleppo pepper, one of the trendiest spices right now.

They sell coffee, teas, spices, dried fruit and nuts, seeds – even kri kri, a Japanese snack food.  They stock over 40 herbs, 35 different botanicals, Turkish coffee supplies, cheeses, candy . . . the list goes on.

Whole dried hibiscus, with an array of dried fruits and nuts, including some of the biggest cashews I’ve seen.

They continue to import direct, dealing as much as possible with the same local farmers and distributors they’ve worked with over the years.  Because of this, most items are a bargain.

Japanese Kri Kri

They also continue to look for better sources.  Currently, they import their kri kri from China, the main supplier of this snack food.  However, Adam has found a better source in Australia, and they are awaiting their first container of this new product.

Adam has a degree in biochemistry, and a strong belief in holistic living.  He’s happy to make suggestions for helpful purchases, or to guide you through the selection of their own 28 tea blends.  When my daughter asked for rose water and tea tree oil, not only did Adam guess she was using them for a mask, he was also able to provide her with their own mask mix, a formula created in house.  So if you are looking for botanicals, essential oils, or other holistic tinctures, Hashem’s is your place.

From left to right: whole mustard seed, pink brining salt, saffron, whole mahlab, and whole nutmeg

And if you’re a cook, then you’ve hit the mother lode.  Hashem’s stocks spices I’ve never heard of, along with most that I have.  And because they import direct, the spices are fresher, seemingly of higher quality, and much, much cheaper.  If you are planning on holiday baking, you really need to make a trip to Hashem’s.  From true cinnamon, to whole nutmegs, to whole cardamom, to saffron, Aleppo pepper, Hashem’s has them all.  They even stock the biggest cashews I’ve ever seen.

True cinnamon, in natural bark form, and ground. The smell was incredible!

At bargain basement prices.  Seriously, I can’t believe how inexpensive these are, in comparison to the familiar red and white containers in the grocery spice aisle.

Dark roasted coffee. In spite of its appearance, the coffee is not oily. The beans are completely dry, but roasted darkly rich. Hammered copper Turkish coffee vessels are pictured in the background.

Even better, if you check in on Yelp while you’re there, you get an additional 10% discount, making a great deal even better.  And if you tell him you found them through this article, he’ll at least throw in a friendly smile.

A pot of blooming tea

During this holiday season, you need to visit Hashem’s.  Take some time.  Look around.  Sample the various tastes – the candy, the dried fruits, the nuts and seeds.  Drink some tea with Adam.  And enjoy a bit of Old World culture and hospitality few have actually experienced.

Hashem’s Roastery is located at 13041 W. Warren Road, Dearborn, MI.  They’re open from 10 AM to 10 PM daily, Sundays 10 AM to 8PM.  There are two other locations in the Dearborn area.

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