San Diego Comic Con 2018 – Favorite Cosplay Shots

The Mask
Snow White – No dwarves in sight.
Two Face
New Age Joker
Zombie Girl – note the dead eyes!
Wonder Woman
Everyone’s a critic! Or, Van Gogh only cut off his ear!
Mary Jane, Spiderman’s girlfriend
Resident Evil Zombie Cop
Joker, Suicide Squad Edition
Nightcrawler, X-Men
The Joker, Nicholson edition
Walter, The Dude, and the late Donny
The Joker, Death of the Family edition
Harley Quinn, at Harleypalooza
Samurai Darth Vader
Aqua Girl
From Black Panther. Shuri, perhaps?
Green Arrow
Two Harleys
Harley Quinn

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